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2018 Calendar - September


Magpie will be returning from a long summer overdue vacation and recovery due to major surgery Greg needed for his severe colitis flare-up. This caused several blood clots in his right leg which were removed by the best Vascular doctor’s team on the east coast at Albany Medical Center Hospital.  His nursing staff and assistant staff on the Vascular unit there were amazing and we were able to get him home 11 days after the surgery after a colonoscopy to determine how much of his colon was compromised and to set him up for getting his flare-up into complete remission.


He now is well into the recovery process and enjoying the healing energy of our mountain hollow home. We take several walks a day around our mountain hollow which is strengthening his legs and balance.  We also found an excellent acupuncturist Dr. Wang in Albany that is helping him shorten his recovery time with her healing work. We are deeply grateful to Rolly Brown, guitarist extraordinaire who himself is a practicing acupuncturist along with his wife Janice MacKenzie for helping us find Dr. Wang. Our family and so many of our musician friends have come to our aid financially and emotionally during this unexpected health crisis and challenge.


Many people like ourselves and some of our dearest colleagues and friends have faced and are now facing the unending struggle of financial devastation that occurs when faced with medical needs and health challenges because our country unlike any other has a medical system that compromises families financially when dealing with these life challenging crisis.  We need Universal Health Care for All!!! It is a crime against humanity to force life and death decisions when these health challenges occur.


Here is a link should you care to help us: https://www.gofundme.com/help-for-greg-artzner-of-quotmagpiequot

We ae well into the recovery and will be looking forward to gradually returning to our work as his healing continues. `We will keep you all posted on Greg’s progress as we take this journey.



Some September Highlights 2018


We will begin September recording three of the many “Harriet Was Here-In My Backyard” songs detailing Harriet Tubman’s life story through the efforts of the dedicated teachers, staff, and students of Genesee Elementary in Auburn, NY. The three songs “Harriet The Brave”, “Win the Vote” and “Bridge to Freedom” have been selected for the new Equal Rights Heritage Center.

Times for the professional recording for this project will be announced in our Fall Calendar Update.

Here is a link to a video of our most recent song “Bridge To Freedom” written with the 4th grade students this past May. Hope you enjoy it:




September Calendar 2018:


September 6th, 2018 “Dancing with Books” Fall/Winter Residencies Artists Retreat & Creative Planning Meeting 10:00am-1:00pm


Genesee Elementary “Harriet Was Here-In My Backyard Rehearsal & Recording Project:

September 11th-Rehearsal TBA

September 12th-Rehearsal TBA

September 13th Recording


September 14th-8:00pm “Magpie Concert” sponsored by Friends of Fiddler’s Green

            Chapter Hudson Valley Folk Guild

 Hyde Park United Methodist Church

            1 Church St. (intersection of Rt.9 and Church

            Street) Hyde Park, NY


September 15th-“Tribute to Victor Jara Concert” @ People’s Voice Café

                 Community Church of New York

                 40 East 35th Street (between Madison and Park)

New York, New York

For More information and tickets call: (212) 787-3903


September 18-New Dancing With Books Fall Residency

September 19-New Dancing With Books Fall Residency


September 22- “Phil Ochs Song Night” 8th Step Proctor’s Theater

                 The Addy Theater

                 432 State Street

                 Schenectady, NY

                 More Information and Tickets: (518) 434-1703


September 25- New Dancing With Books Fall Residency

September 26- New Dancing With Books Fall Residency

Septebmer 27-Wolf Trap Resource Night; Barns of Wolf Trap



Other Projects:


Harper’s Ferry National Park 75th Celebration June 28th-30th, 2019

Performance Times TBA-Stay tuned!!


We will be focusing on our continuation of rehearsals and completion of our 45th Anniversary CD Project with Charlie Pilzer over this Fall & Winter Season at his fabulous recording studio Tonal Park. Since our best laid plans have been delayed and put on hold we’ll have to let you know when we see the release date for this project as it has been postponed due to health challenges of which we are now in the recovery stage


We also will be continuing our research and collection of songs for future theater projects and thematic programs we are well known for developing and bringing to fruition.


Stayed tuned for more “Magpie” concerts and events! See you in September!









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