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2018 Calendar - JUNE


Magpie will be taking a long overdue vacation for the month of June.

We will be focusing on our continuation of rehearsals and preparation for 45th Anniversary CD Project with Charlie Pilzer over the summer at his fabulous recording studio Tonal Park. If all goes as planned we hope to have it in hand in time for the actual anniversary late September 2018.


We also will be continuing our research and collection of songs for future theater projects and thematic programs we are well known for developing and bringing to fruition.


We hope you all have a great start to the festival season and highly recommend that you attend:


The Washington Folk Festival at Glen Echo Park, one of the best international celebrations of world and local music talents found in the DC area.  It is a free festival and a tribute to the Folklore Society of Greater Washington and their staff.  For many years they annually bring together a place for all to enjoy and support the deep value of music through this celebration.


Clearwater Hudson Revival- The preeminent environmental and social justice festival and one very close to our hearts. The spirit and inspiration of Toshi and Pete Seeger continues through the efforts of those whose dedication carry on the dreams of “Our Rainbow Race”.  The Clearwater sails to not only keep the Hudson River healthy but reminds us of the need to keep afloat all “boats to save the waters of the world”.


The Old Songs Festival that continues to carry songs, stories, theater, and dance to the highest levels of diversity and excellence reflecting both the old and new through the incredible efforts of Andy Spence and Old Songs Staff. Each festival has out done the previous in level of musicianship and art. This festival is a longstanding tribute to the folk traditions that are the foundation of the music and songs that speak to our hearts and minds.


All these are June Festivals not to be missed!


Some July Highlights 2018


We will begin July recording three of the many “Harriet Was Here-In My Backyard” songs detailing Harriet Tubman’s life story through the efforts of the dedicated teachers, staff, and students of Genesee Elementary in Auburn, NY. The three songs “Harriet The Brave”, “Win the Vote” and “Bridge to Freedom” have been selected for the new Equal Rights Heritage Center.

Dates for the professional recording for this project will be announced in our July calendar update.

Here is a link to a video of our most recent song “Bridge To Freedom” written with the 4th grade students this past May. Hope you enjoy it:




July 19th- 10:00am “Living Planet” Department of Labor Child Center Summer Camp Concert


July 20th and 21st: 10:30 “Deep Earth Deep Ocean” Magpie with 11:30am Wolf Trap Opera Company “Listen Wilhelmina” family and children’s “Theater in the Woods”-Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA.


Beginning April 13 at 10:00 a.m., Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods tickets may be purchased:


• Online at wolftrap.org/woods

• By phone at 877.WOLFTRAP

• In person at the Filene Center Box Office, 1551 Trap Road, Vienna, VA


Stayed tuned for more “Magpie” concerts and events! See you in July!


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