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(Available in CD only)

Give Light
In celebration of Magpie's 25th anniversary, Sliced Bread Records has released this excellent collection. It features songs penned by Greg and Terry as well as others. Included are "Safe Harbor," "There But for Fortune," "Sarowiwa," "For Real," "Water, Fire & Smoke," and "Good People."
(Available in CD only)

"To hear what twenty-five years of dedication to human rights sounds like, listen to this Magpie collection. It could lead to a little re-dedication of your own, and it's also terrific entertainment." - Tom Paxton

"Greg and Terry can show us all what a wonderful thing it can be for two voices to harmonize together. And what a great bunch of songs!" - Pete Seeger

Guide My Feet
A new studio recording with friends and partners Kim and Reggie Harris, "Guide My Feet" is filled with songs of struggle, hope, and freedom. The stunning four-part vocal arrangements are supported by some of the finest musicians on the scene today including Keter Betts, Ralph Gordon, John Kribs, and Molly Mason on bass, David Buskin on piano, Jay Ungar on fiddle, Ade Knowles and Brian Melick on percussion, Pete Seeger on Banjo, and guest vocalist David Roth.
(Available in CD only)

Spoken in Love
A concert recording with close friends Kim & Reggie Harris. It's full of upbeat songs of freedom and struggle as well as great humor and four-part harmony. It also includes some fine duo pieces such as "Harriet Tubman's Ballad" and "Luchin".
(CD & cassette)

Seed on the Prairie
Magpie's 1994 CD features many of the songs they have composed that have endeared them to audiences concerned about the environment. It includes their well-known, stirring anthem, "We Belong to the Earth" as well as "Live Like a Prayer", "Swimming to the Other Side", "The Chestnut" and "Guardians of a Higher Ground"
(CD & cassette)

Circle of Life
Terry Leonino and Greg Artzner's excellent album of Earth songs for children of all ages, a favorite with kids as well as their parents. It features songs celebrating the animals, such as "The Buffalo Song", " Blue Crab Blues", "I Am a Dolphin", and "Hugh the Manatee", as well as songs about what we can do to help in the all-important healing process, such as "Shut Off the Water", and "It Really Isn't Garbage".
(CD & cassette)

Living Planet
Released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Earth Day in 1990, this CD was the Earth Day music feature on Scott Simon's Weekend Edition Saturday on National Public Radio. A masterful collection of songs about the Earth, with cautionary stories and laments, as well as celebrations of our interrelationships with our fellow beings. Songs include "The Rainforest Song", "Amarok" (Song of the Wolf), "Song of the Whales", "The Land Knows You're There", "River's Takin' Care of Me", "This Old Bay", and the title song, "Living Planet"
(CD & cassette)

If It Ain't Love
This recording highlights the broad spectrum of the musical rainbow that Magpie performs. From hard-hitting topical songs to swing and a little blues. It features "Requiem", "Meet Me Where They Play the Blues", "The Corner of the Kitchen" and "Spend an Evening in Caroline". on Philo/Rounder
(cassette only)

Working My Life Away
Magpie's 1983 release on Collector Records features songs about work and the people who do it from the U.S., Canada, and England.
(CD & cassette)

Magpie & Friends
Terry & Greg's first album, recorded in 1977, still available in cassette only.

MAGPIE also appears on several notable compilation recordings which are available from Long Tail Records. T hese collections include many other well-known artists including Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Paxton, SNCC Freedom Singers, Matthew and Marshall Jones, Sweet Honey in the Rock, and Arlo Guthrie. (All available in CD only)

What's That I Hear? Songs of Phil Ochs (2 CD set $30.00)

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Songs of Pete Seeger (2 CD set $30.00)

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle (2 CD set $30.00) (songs of Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964)

The Long Walk to Freedom (concert w/SNCC Freedom Singers, Magpie, and Kim & Reggie)

Songs of Dissent: Live (concert w/ SNCC Freedom Singers & Magpie, songs of 1960s thru 90s)

One Land, One Heart (songs for the earth by M.U.S.E. [Musicians United to Sustain the Environment]. Proceeds support North American wilderness conservation efforts.)

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